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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Food,stress,infections and pills ... These are just some of the causes of the unpleasant body smell that can cause many problems. The unpleasant smell of the human body is not exactly a favorite topic of conversation,but the reasons are very different,and some will certainly surprise you.



One of the biggest causes of unpleasant body smell is stress.Every stressful situation causes anxiety,and comes to the release of cortisol - a stress hormone that causes sweating.The sweat itself does not smell,but when it comes to contact with the bacteria on the skin,a bad smell starts to spread.


Some pills,including the contraceptive pill,may be responsible for the bad smell.Usually these things are the side effects of drugs.

Urinary infections


Because the bacteria commonly causes urinary infections, unpleasant smell are secreted through pores.Because of the fear of pain during urination,many people retain the urine,and the fluid is then excreted through the skin and causes a very specific smell .


The deodorants that you use sometimes can cause the opposite effect.Some deodorants contain ingredients that feed the bacteria found at the skin,and cause the bad smell to get even worse.

According to experts it is best to wash your body with water and from the deodorants those which do not close the pores.


The digestive system of some people can hardly bear meat.Some components of hardly digested,and the bad small is then excreted through the skin.Vegetarians say that people who eat meat have a " specific smell ".


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