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Friday, February 7, 2014

Most Hollywood stars are about the same : they are paid to be have a slim and tight body.Some stars therefore take extreme diets to maintain their weight,and most of them combine a specific diet and regular exercise.We reveal 5 secrets about the famous diets that really work:


1.In Exercise the most important is quality

Walking every day is good,but that's not enough if you want to lose some pounds.You have to increase the number of heart beats every day for about 20-30 minutes to remove fat.The coach in the local gym will measure the speed of the heart beats for free.Celebrities make exercise,run and they go to Pilates or yoga classes to remain slim.

Additional advice: If you exercise in the morning,your metabolism will be good all day,that means that your body will burn more calories with less effort.

2.Nutritious fruits and vegetables

The main components of the diet pyramid offer essential vitamins and minerals with fewer calories.

Additional Tip: To take better advantage of this,eat fruits and vegetables low in calories and rich in nutrients.


3.Eat foods high in fiber

You will not get hungry for a longer period of you eat foods high in fiber,including fruits and vegetables.

Additional tip: Many stars like parsnip,which have naturally diuretic properties.Fruits and vegetables should you eaten raw most of the time,fresh or slightly cooked without sauce.


No need to remove all carbohydrates from the diet,but to eat goals grains,wheat flour,brown rice and OATMEAL.

5.Practice portion control

Most people eat much larger portions than they need.Famous stars go so far,that they measure each portion to control the intake of calories.

Additional advice: the portion of meat should not be larger than a deck of cards,fruits and vegetables should not be bigger than your fist,cooked brown rice portion should be the size of a small cup of coffee.Stars in this way control the intake of calories.


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