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Saturday, March 15, 2014

1.The health problems associated with smoking are the leading cause of deaths in the United States.One in five deaths is linked to health problems caused from smoking,report the Centers for Disease Control.


2.Each year,smoking cigarettes kills more Americans than:HIV - AIDS,drugs,alcohol,suicide,homicide and accidents! 

3.Passive smokers reach an average 50,000 thousand deaths each year in the United States.

4.Cigarette smoke emits nearly eight billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually,causing disruption of the ozone layer.

5.The agricultural branch which deals with the cultivation of tobacco contributes to deforestation,by cutting over 500,000 acres of forests annually,reports

6.If farmers which are engaged in growing tobacco would grown food instead of tobacco,they could feed more than 70 percent of the 28 million starving people in the world.

7.In 2012,the companies that produce cigarettes have spent nearly $ 27 million in lobbying government agencies and members of the Congress,reports


8.The big companies that produce cigarettes are selling cigarettes to teenagers everywhere secretly,even though they publicly say that the teenagers should not smoke,reports US News & World Report.

9.Each year,the tobacco industry spends more than $ 400 per customer for specific promotions,coupons and other types of marketing in order to prevent the smokers to quit smoking.

10.Now,the companies presented the expensive e-cigarettes.The imitation of a cigarette,which supposedly is not as harmful as a regular one and includes batteries,nicotine-cassette tape and other accessories - it cost $ 100 and more.

11.Even worse,these e-cigarettes can be found in a variety of flavors which are very attractive to teenagers,such as the taste of cherry,grape,vanilla or strawberry .. reports Fox 5 News.

12.The effects of e-cigarettes on smokers health are still unknown.Medical associations and regulatory bodies are concerned that these cigarettes are nothing but a wide open gateway to a nicotine addiction,reports The Huffington Post.


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