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Monday, March 10, 2014

The herb Nigella Sativa,commonly known to us as black cumin seed,contains active ingredients that fight successfully against most potential lethal viral infections,hepatitis and HIV.


In August 2013 a study published in the scientific journal "African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine",which explains in detail the performance of the black cumin at patients with HIV who after a simple treatment could not find a trace of the disease in their blood.

Antiretroviral therapy is now used around the planet for the fight against HIV,but today is extremely controversial because, believe it or not,causes a variety of adverse health effects attributable to the HIV.This therapy is extremely expensive and lengthy in the case of treatment,and in the early stages can create mutations of the HIV infection,which are becoming very resistant to treatment and can create irreversible damage to the immune system of the patient.Unfortunately,the doctors rarely attribute the deaths of patients to this expensive therapy,and they blame the HIV virus for the sudden collapse of the patient's health and his sudden death.

Considering the rising public interest about natural remedies,it is not surprising the increased focus of the scientists on natural ingredients and preparations.Black cumin is a perfect example,not only because of the excellent performance against serious viral infections,but also because of the availability of the herbs and the simple application of the drug to patients.

Miraculous healing

Black cumin is almost miraculous in treating HIV and hepatitis, almost equally effective as the Indian hemp in cancer.

Many doctors believe that the symptoms of HIV are more serious than the symptoms of cancer,because they suddenly affect the full range of systems in the body,and besides the infection that is created from the disease,patients have to bear with diarrhea,chronic fever,infectious mononucleosis,increasing lymph nodes,muscle and joint pain,loss of weight,different types of herpes,candidiasis,lymphoma of the brain,pneumonia,and sudden drop in CD4 cells count.50 % of the disease develops after 10 years after getting AIDS.

Patients with such symptoms received an extract of black cumin 10 ml twice daily for 6 months.Between the 5th and 20th day lesions,fever,diarrhea and a feeling of weakness disappeared,and the number of CD4 cells in the blood were increased to 160 cells per cubic mililiter.


  1. is it have aproblem when one hiv patient use black cummin at the same time with therapy