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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We present five remedies which will help you to quickly and easily clean the body and balance the digestive system.

In the spring you should spend more time to take care about the foods you eat and prepare your body for the summer.Here are foods that will help you to fight with flatulence.



Asparagus is an excellent probiotic and a diuretic that cleans the toxins from the body,and improves the work of the digestive organs.


Pineapple by many is called the king of fruits,because it helps in many health problems. This tropical fruit with a pleasant smell and taste contains enzymes called bromelain and have the ability to digest the proteins.



This vegetable is great for irritated skin,contains dietary fiber and a high level of erepsin ( which helps in digestion of proteins )which are great for the health of the digestive organs.

Green Tea

The tea which is used for thousands of years contains tannins,plant polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants and they improve digestion.


 in structure is similar to the digestive juice in the stomach, so drinking a lemonade in the morning can seamlessly clean your body.


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