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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

British researchers have found that the consumption of water and other liquids from the plastic bottles and cups can in many cases lead to serious headaches.The bad influence of the plastic bottles on our health was known long ago,and were know to be the cause of a wide range of health problems,including obesity,infertility and heart attacks.

The new research which was published in the journal of Toxicological Sciences concluded that these chemicals cause headaches also,reports the Daily Mail.


The authors of the study advise that the people should eliminate the potential sources of pollution from their daily meals,with a special emphasis on the plastic,which is unhealthy.

The researchers analyzed the previously made studies in this area,and combined them with their results.It was concluded that some of the plastic chemicals affect the hormone levels,and among other things,also causes headaches.

Neurologist Fajaz Ahmed from UK said that chemicals from plastic packaging in many cases are the " switches " for different types of diseases,noting that equally bad effect on our health has the canned food.


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