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Sunday, May 18, 2014

We all know how bad it is when your face is full of acne , and how they have a bad influence on our self-confidence .

Some of you probably use various lotions , some of you simply wait for them to go away by themselves  , and today we will tell you a few ways on how to get rid of them in a natural way .

Sea ​​salt

Boil 200 ml of water , and then add two tablespoons of sea salt . Wash your face with this twice a day . This will help to get rid of acne faster , and also prevent other acne's .

Apple cider vinegar

This is an old an proven recipe . In 500 ml . of boiled water add one large tablespoon spoon of apple cider vinegar . But this time do not add the vinegar when is boiling,instead wait for the water to cool . Wash your face with this recipe always before you go to sleep , because the apple cider vinegar has an excellent antiseptic effect . If necessary this solution can be used on other parts of the body .

Honey and cinnamon

According to the ancient people , this is a great way to treat an acne. And of course , very simple . Mix the honey and cinnamon together , and cover the acne with this mix before you go to sleep .

Aloe vera

This plant has been used for many medical treatment . Also very effective in the treatment of the acne , several times a day use the juice of the leaf of the aloe vera plant , the result in most of the cases is excellent .

Nettle tea

Drinking nettle tea can help in the treatment of the acne . The nettle cleans the organism , and reduces the risk for the occurrence of acne . About 1 liter of nettle tea a day is the ideal amount for the organism .

Green tea

Same as the nettle tea ,the green tea also cleans the organism , but at the same time supplies the body with antioxidants .


Water is necessary for the entire body. Thus we can say that the water hydrates the skin and reduces the risk of acne , therefore drink more water during the whole day.


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