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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The single most significant factor to leading a long and rewarding life is ridding you of tension and other associated factors. People experience stress in almost every sphere of their lives and it's difficult to avoid stress especially when you are pushed from all corners and you are endowed with lots of high expectations and timelines to beat be it at home or your work place. Other social behaviors emanating from lifestyle adaptations such as smoking, poor eating habits can also be a source stress for you.

With the ups and down of the world today you will never be 100% stress free- it's even impossible to evade stress. Low stress levels are major driving forces for our lives because it instills the upsurge to grow in us but when it gets too high then it complicates and shatters down who we are. Therefore it is of essence that we maintain it at manageable levels. If you are leading a very stressful life then it's about time that you began shedding some of it off so that you can regain the real you.

You don't even need a major overhaul of your life but what you need is to take one step at a time and deal with one habit after the other. Here are simple ways to lead a stressful life without complicating things for you.
Take one step at a time

Start by off-loading stress factors in your life one at a time. Single out one thing to focus on and do it. If you are in an office aim to first complete one thing before embarking on another. Practice a lot to perfect this and soon you will notice it will work out in due time

Make your schedule more manageable 

Reducing commitments and limiting them to only the essential ones will rid you of stress. Do only things that benefit you, create time out of a busy schedule to exhale and catch up with some fun.

Cultivate a healthy habit 

Having a new habit coupled with an active habit is a major stress reliever. For example you can decide to eat only vegetables and fresh fruits for snacks. In addition you can quite soda for lots of water or even decide that you are quitting smoking.


You can treat yourself to a nice warm bath, reading a captivating book or even making love. Engage in an activity that will calm your nerves.

Ease your finances

Money matters are a major source of stress. Come up with ways of managing your finances. For example you can shop less, automate how you spend your money so that you can get your mind off money. Do activities that do not involve spending money.

Have fun 

When you get home take some time to spend with your kids. Play with them, tell stories. Play board games with them. Make sure to enjoy yourself.

Complete things early

Being early always gives you confidence to do things in a more relaxed and stress free manner. Learning how to lead a healthy pattern is the major way of relieving stress.

Author Bio: Janet Caine is a prolific blogger, living in UK.  She writes for a leading health magazine and gives reviews of Vigrx plus. Making people understand the value of leading a healthy and stress free life is her moto.


  1. This will target bodily, emotional, along with social well-being. Several factors close to you bring about a wholesome way of Healthy Lifestyle. Learning to dwell a new healthy way of life is easy when we target editing one thing at a time.

  2. It is important to maintain the healthy life balance in life. Actually a stressful life is not good and you will not concentrate with your work. So follow above tips and live happily.