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Monday, July 14, 2014

By cutting 500 calories a day, it is possible to lose a pound of your weight within a week. In this way you can reduce 3500 calories each week. Therefore it is an easy math to do. You have to make simple changes in your daily routine in order to reduce 500 calories from regular diet. There are various ways to reduce calorie count of the day. In this article we will discuss about ten simple yet effective ways through which you can cut 500 calories a day.

Cut out visible fat from the meat:

While cooking you should trim visible fat from the meat in order to reduce calorie count of the day. It will enable you to save at least 100 calories a day. It should be done especially in case of red meat as it has more fat.

Stay away from nuts:

Nuts are beneficial for the heart patients. However they contain high calories as well. Therefore you should avoid eating nuts especially if it comes in a big bowl. Each oil roasted nut contains 175 calories. With three nuts, the calorie count can go up to 525 calories. By cutting out nuts from your diet you can manage curbing 500 calorie count a day. If you cannot reduce your desire for nuts then you should be contained with pistachios.

Avoid eating in front of the television:

Eating in front of television can increase your calories. It has been seen that people eat more while sitting in front of the television. You can simply reduce your time with the television. Instead you can go for a walk for an hour to reduce accumulated fat.

Start using poultry and fish:

Red meat can be substituted with the poultry and fish. Poultry contains about 30 calories and fish contains 62 calories per ounce. If you consume poultry and fish instead of a pound of meat then you can save more than 500 calories a day.

Stop drinking soda:

A lot of sugar is used in the making of soda. Therefore it increases your calories. It is better to have water and low calorie beverages instead of soda. With the water you can even flush harmful toxins.

Have a gluten free life:

A morsel of bread comes with an average of 120 calories. If you have two sandwiches a day with four slices of bread then you have consumed almost 500 calories. You should introduce yourself with the lettuce wraps or low calorie pita to reduce calorie count of the day.

Eliminate white cream sauce from your life:

White sauces are high on fat. Several spoons of white sauce can cost a lot of calorie. You should have tomato sauce or vinaigrette as an accompaniment of any food.

Stop having deserts:

You should change the habit of having desert after food. If you are in absolute love with desert after meal then you can have light pudding with low calorie whipped cream.

Have lean meat with two vegetables at the side:

You should have lean meat like poultry as it have only 400 or less calorie. You can complete your dinner with two fresh vegetable on the side.

Use smaller plates:

You should use 10 inches plate instead of regular 12 inches plate in order to reduce consumption of food.

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  1. This would be great if I ate meat, but I'm a vegetarian. So how does this help me cut 500 calories a day like the title promises?