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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beauty is loved by almost every person especially the female. A beautiful lady or woman feels happy and young. Beauty is the key factor that most men look for in ladies before they start courtship. Below are some of the beauty and healthy tips. Practicing them will leave you beautiful and attractive like never before believe me.

Healthy diet for a healthy skin 

A diet with nutrients will assist in having a healthy hair and healthy skin development. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are the key boosters to the skin natural defenses against wrinkles and sun damages. Food with vitamin A, C and E assists in the protection of free environmental stress radicals.

Ensure you take multi-vitamins daily

In order to have a younger-looking skin, take plenty of multi-vitamins since they act as antioxidants.

Apply sunscreen

Ensure you apply sunscreen from head to toe as well as minimizing the exposure to the sun daily. Overexposure to sun leads to skin cancer. The minimal daily sun exposure not only prevents skin cancer but also gives one a beautiful and a healthy skin.

Avoid smoking

Generally smoking affects the entire body as a whole not forgetting the skin. It derives the oxygen needed by the skin and this eventually leads to wrinkles and fine lines. In addition it interferes with elastin and collagen fibres that are responsible for the elasticity and tone. Eventually it leads to premature sagging and wrinkling. Passive smoking too should be avoided since it interferes with one’s eyes by creating wrinkles.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine speeds up water loss from the entire body surface-the skin. Thus excessive intake of the two will lead to diminishing skin smoothness and softness through dehydration process. Too much intake of alcohol may lead to capillaries breaking under the skin resulting to red like patches on the skin surface. Caffeine containing products like tea, chocolate and sodas should be noted including the common containing agent-coffee.

Ensure you get a beauty sleep

Make sure you sleep at least eight hours per night because it not only assist energy and mental clarity but helps the body too with the repairing and healing processes that happened daytime( including the skin). More so a good night sleep eliminates irritated and puffy eyes, pale complexion and dark circles. To aid in the healing process of the skin, apply night cream. 

Ensure you do not take fluids close to bedtime

Avoid drinking fluids two to three hours before you sleep if you want to look your best in the morning. Consumption of fluid just before bedtime may cause one to waking up puffy eyes. 

Always lather, rinse and repeat

If your hair is not good, you may end up with a bad moody day. This may be attributed to rushing up and paying little or no attention to our hairs forgetting that it need to look shiny beautiful and healthy as well. We end up not scrapping the scalp to an extent of removing excess build-up oils, we do not completely rinse the conditioner and shampoo from hair. Thus to ensure your day run smooth, ensure you rinse and rinse again your hair till all the traces of conditioner and shampoo have been washed out. For a shinier look, seal the hair’s cuticle with cool water.

Pay attention to the rest of the body too

Try to focus on other body areas other than the face and skin only like the nails, elbows, feet, neck, hands and the rest. In general groom from head to toe. Use moisturizers to avoid dry and unattractive look.

Always smile

A smile makes your day lively hence making you look young, friendly and most important beautiful. Smile always!

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