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Monday, October 20, 2014

You might think that skin care starts later in life, when you start noticing wrinkles, fine lines and other skin warnings that you need to pay more attention, but in reality starting as early as possible will lead to having a more elastic and younger looking skin.

First things first, before you start any kind of home-made treatment, you first need to find out what your skin type is, meaning that not every skin type needs and can use the same products, especially if you have a problematic skin type.


Most people get wrinkles and fine lines because of repeated movements on their skin, which means that frowning should be something to avoid immediately. By working out, you will not only get into shape, and lower fat in your body, which will lead to a tighter skin, but you also reduce stress levels in your body, which ultimately helps keep the skin younger.

Moreover, by working out, you are also helping your cells breathe, getting precious oxygen to skin cells, making the cells healthier and lasting longer. However, make sure to cleanse your skin after a good workout, so that you remove grime built up on your skin that would damage your skin.


Sleeping helps your skin replenish, and it also helps your body to reduce stress levels, which means that your skin can iron out any damage that it sustained throughout the day. Although, it is advisable to sleep on your back, so that your face has enough room to revitalize.


Be careful with your diet, because your skin will reflect what you eat, and if you eat a lot of junk food, it is not only bad for your health, it is also murder on your skin care. You should be eating a lot of vegetables and fruit, to get precious minerals and vitamins which help you retain a healthier skin. Moreover, try to avoid sugars and fats as they will only create layers of unwanted fat under the skin, making it unhealthy.

Furthermore, certain vitamins and supplements can help you reduce oiliness in your skin, and ultimately help you make your skin look beautiful and young-like. But if you have a condition with oiliness, it is better to visit a dermatologist to get advice on how to handle your skin type.


Water is essentially good for everything in your body. It will help you drain out toxins from your body, and helps you cleanse from the inside, making your skin reflects the inner happiness due to reduce amounts of toxins and stress levels.

Moreover, water helps you stay hydrated and moisturizes your skin, which is essential to keep your skin healthy and young in the long run. If you stick to a skin care routine, and drink plenty of water daily, then rest assured that your skin will be elastic and healthy well into your late years. And you will not have to worry about any serious issues concerning skin care.

Sophie is a beauty blogger from Sydney. She’s fan of new natural skin care products and makeup. Sophie is always searching for new beauty tips & tricks. Follow her at Facebook.


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