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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Instead of popping pain killers, there are so many natural pain killers you can count on to alleviate your pain. These natural herbs are effective in treating headache, arthritis pain or any other health ailments. And unlike pharmaceutical pain killers, they are free of side effects. Let’s have a look at some of these herbs:

Turmeric, ginger and holy basil

These three are anti-inflammatory herbs. Turmeric has a biochemical compound known as curcumins which provides relief from inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Ginger tea is very useful when it comes to treatment of cold-related congestion but apart from that research has suggested that ginger can also help reduce arthritis pain by lowering your prostaglandin levels. Holy basil or tulsi as it is commonly called is considered a sacred plant by many people in India. Its leaves are also used as a culinary herb in many cuisines. In Ayurveda, basil is used for treating conditions like asthma, arthritis and stomach disorders.


It is often used to treat toothache, joint pains, muscle pain, skin irritations and also provides relief from bloating and gas. Various pain relieving ointments and muscle rubs contain peppermint oil that reduces inflammation and burning. It also provides relief temporarily from itching. You can put a drop of peppermint oil onto insect bites and eczema. Rubbing peppermint oil onto your temples or scalp provides comfort when you have headache.

Cranberry juice

You can prevent ulcers by having cranberry juice as it kills the pathogen H.pylori, which causes ulcers. A study reported that taking less than a cup for 3 days a week reduced almost 20 per cent of H pylori infection cases. But you should avoid the juice loaded with sugar as then it becomes inflammatory. It is advisable to have 100 per cent natural cranberry juice and if you find it too bitter, add water.


A research by Ohio University reported that a cup of grapes eaten daily can provide relief from backache as grapes are rich in nutrients that increase blood circulation to the lower back which helps reduce pain. They also help lower your cholesterol levels as it contains a compound called pterostilbene that helps in this regard. Grapes also have nourishing enzymes that help to cure indigestion.


Cherries contain compounds called as anthocyanins that give cherries their ruby colour. They are considered as anti-inflammatory like other drugs such as aspirin. They also help treat gout, a form of arthritis that leads to swollen, red joints. 

Capsaicin (capsicum)

This is a pain reducing remedy that desensitizes nerve receptors called as C-fibres on a temporary basis. These receptors are the ones that cause the pain response. Then it further diminishes soreness for about three to five weeks while the C-fibres become active. Capsaicin cream has also been proved useful in reducing the intensity of migraine pain.

Wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen is a low-growing shrub, native to North America and its leaves are used to treat respiratory infections and for making essential oil. It is also added to gums and toothpaste for its minty flavor.  It can be used medicinally but the pure (concentrated) essential oil can be toxic, so in order to use it, you need to dilute a small amount of it in some other oil like olive or coconut. Wintergreen oil’s medicinal properties make it effective for relieving muscular pain or skeletal problems. 


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