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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morocco is quite famous for its traditional food and spice market. Their cuisine has been under the culinary influence of many North African countries, so you’ll find diverse and interesting menus in this country. 

There are quite a few Moroccan recipes you have to try. It’s not only that their food tastes great but it is very healthy and can have a positive effect on your body. Their food is prepared with natural spices which give the food unique flavor, as well as keep the natural taste completely. Here are some of the healthy Moroccan foods and their benefits on our health.

Moroccan minty tea has many benefits

Minty tea is drunk in Morocco in a ritual of tradition and hospitality. It is always presented to a house guest as a sign of friendship. Still, many people drink this tea because it is beneficial to our health. It is proven that Moroccan minty tea acts as a very powerful antioxidant and plays a big role in the protection from any cancerous cells. It is also used to fight irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and heartburn. Minty tea also has calming properties and that is why it’s great to drink it when in a stressful situation or suffering from the lack of sleep. It relaxes your body and gets rid of stress for you. It is also recommended to the people who are suffering from allergies. You can make Moroccan minty tea easily and see for yourself.

Moroccan chicken recipes are high in protein

Most of the dishes in Moroccan cuisine contain chicken and different sorts of vegetables. Most of the healthy diets contain these two types of food as well. Chicken is the healthiest type of meat you can find and that is why all of the Moroccan dishes are great for anyone who is trying to stay healthy. Vegetables in these recipes are those like tomato, garlic and zucchini. Any meal made of chicken and these vegetables contains a big amount of proteins you need. In Morocco, many of these dishes are made in the traditional way. They use a piece of cookware called tagine in order to maintain tradition and cook the meal the best way possible. If you want to get one of these, we recommend you buy Scanpan Tagine. You can find many Moroccan chicken recipes online and make yourself a meal in the tagine.

Moroccan recipes are weight friendly

As mentioned above most of the Moroccan recipes consist of chicken or vegetables. All of these are recommended when trying to lose some weight and this is also something that Moroccan cuisine can help you with. Not only that all the food in their recipes doesn’t contain many calories but also functions as a powerful tool against toxins in your body. It helps you get rid of all of the toxins and stay healthy. If you combine Moroccan food with a proper training routine you will definitely get some results fast. You will lose some weight and feel lighter.

Moroccan Citrus Fruit Salad

We do not have to mention that eating citrus fruits is one of the best ways of Vitamin C intake. Most of the fruit salads according to Moroccan recipes contain much citrus fruit such as Orange and Pink Grapefruit. When making a fruit salad in a traditional Moroccan way, you’ll mix honey, cinnamon and vanilla bean and pour it all over the fruits. All of these ingredients contain a large amount of different vitamins and make the salad taste better. Cinnamon is an important part of Moroccan cuisine. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant and aids in digestion.

Most of Moroccan dishes are considered to be real delights and are definitely something you should try. You can find many different traditional Moroccan recipes online. All you need are their traditional kitchen tools and the cooking can begin!


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