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Friday, November 6, 2015

Achieving sobriety is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated, yet it is important to have a plan in place for avoiding alcohol after rehab. Once you return home, you will be exposed to many of the same stressors and situations that led to your drinking. These five tips will help you stay strong enough to fight those urges and avoid relapse.


Create an Alcohol-Free Signature Drink

During recovery, you likely noticed that you missed the rituals that surrounded your drinking habit, and many people feel strange without a drink in their hand at social functions. Fortunately, you can still achieve the same comfort sober by finding a new favorite drink without alcohol. Experiment with teas, fruit juices and coffee until you find a healthier option that keeps you sober.

Mix Up Your Day

Boredom can quickly lead to relapse, and injecting a little change into your routine is the perfect antidote. Try reversing your schedule by eating dessert for breakfast, or consider having dinner at a new diner down the street. Little changes throughout your day can jumpstart your resolve to stay sober.

Remember the Consequences

When you are craving a drink, it is too easy to focus on all the so-called good times you once enjoyed. Yet, a problem with alcohol can lead to serious trouble with the law. For example, a DUI can mean facing both a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing to determine if your license will be suspended and a criminal trial. If you are already dealing with charges, then talking to an experienced DUI attorney from places like Knochel Law Offices PCcan remind you of the importance of staying sober for your case.


Drive the Long Way

Most likely, you know every liquor store between work and your home. After a rough day, you may be tempted to stop and pick up a bottle. For this reason, it is best to drive the longest way home possible if it means not passing your favorite drink store. If you live in a place that sells liquor at the local grocer, you might enlist a friend to do your shopping for you during your first few weeks home.

Pick Up an Old Hobby

Think back to what you used to enjoy doing before drinking took over your life. Whether you play the guitar or pull out your old camera, stepping back into a former role can remind you of the dreams you can pursue now that you are sober.

Finally kicking an addiction is like getting a fresh start at life. However, you will always have times when temptation can be hard to face. By arming yourself with strategies to keep you focus on the future, you can continue on the journey of recovery without the fear of relapse.


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