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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mulberries are a delicious and sweet fruits native to Asia and they can easily be grown in the United States. Many people don't like the fruit baring mulberry trees because they create a lot of mess and they also attract birds because of the sweet fruits.

But the mulberries are very healthy and sweet but the tree can grow up to 80 ft. which is why you have to have a lot of space. You can propagate the mulberry tree from cuttings with a root hormone or you can grow seedlings from the seeds and then graft a scion or a bud from a tree which is fruiting and has a delicious and sweet taste. In this post we will post a video to show you how you can bud graft easily if you have a male mulberry tree which is not fruiting. By cutting the bud from a new growth from the parent tree you can attach it to the non fruiting mulberry tree or a root-stock you have grown from seed. Bud grafting can be done from Maj 15 to June 15 for best results. Watch the video bellow to see how the mulberry is grated in Turkey.


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