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Sunday, September 8, 2013

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Cellulite is one of the biggest problems of modern women,yet too little is known about him.In its formation the main factor is hormonal disorder,not fat.


The formation of cellulite is caused by the elevated levels of stress hormones, says study that is published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology. The researchers found that cortisol - a stress hormone affects the degradation of proteins of the human body, stimulates the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and also raises blood sugar levels.

When the person feels tension and it is in a state of chronic stress,metabolism is changed so that the body keeps the fat. This leads to the formation of cellulite.The key in the fight against cellulite is in eliminating the causes of stress.Scientists have made some advice for women who want to fight cellulite acting on its cause.

In everyday life in our body,three main stress factors act.The first stressor is mental- emotional.That's life in constant fear,which is extremely harmful to human physiology ( functioning of organs ) . Fear creates cortisol,with all its harmful consequences.

To diminish the mental- emotional stress scientists advised to spend more time in a pleasant idleness.Equally effective going to the beach,a warm bath,massage - all of which helps the woman to relax.

Another stress cause is the negative effect of chemical factors that encourage the poor nutrition and environmental pollution.Sugar, trans fats and industrial oils damage the mucous membrane of the digestive system and increase the level of chronic stress in our body.Anti inflammatory diet establishes the health of the digestive system.It helps to restore hormonal balance and initiate a natural fat burning mechanisms.

The ideal diet means consuming good fats found in coconut,avocado, olive oil and various seeds.Regularly use foods that contain protein ,especially beef,fish and organically fed cattle.Vegetables rich in phytoestrogens,fruits that contain less sugar,mostly soft,and lemon is also essential for the successful fight against cellulite.
The third factor is the physical stress.Inactivity and excessive physical activity is equally affecting the formation of cellulite. You need to find the golden environment,the experts conclude.


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