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Sunday, September 8, 2013

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Aspirin in our food? Sure. Certain foods, mainly fruits, have the same effect as aspirin.


Proof: when people that are allergic to aspirin eat such foods, they get a similar reaction as when they take aspirin. So the Allergists warn people who are sensitive to aspirin to avoid foods rich in salicylates, because they are the ingredients of aspirin.

On the other hand, scientists are interested in the possibility that salicylates in foods, provide some kind of protection as aspirin provides. New research shows that regular low-dose aspirin (half a tablet a day, maybe less)will help prevent heart attack, stroke, and even colon cancer

Perhaps daily low-dose aspirin in our food will also help us to prevent some health problems. These natural medicines could be one reason why some plant foods protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, experts say.

Salicylates have anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect - preventing blood coagulation and thrombosis, inflammation and relieves pain. They may act on the so called prostaglandins to slow tumor growth.

Foods rich with natural aspirin(salicylates)are blueberries,  cherries, dried currants, curry, dry dates, pickles, licorice root, prunes and raspberries. Moderate amounts of salicylates include almonds, apples (especially the variety Granny Smith), oranges, peppers (sweet and hot), dates, plum, pineapple and tea. In general, fruits contain significant amounts of salicylates, and vegetables do not. It appears that the preservation and heating will not cause salicylate concentration to change.


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