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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cinnamon is an excellent tool for normalizing blood sugar, preventing diabetes,and to prevent the rise of blood pressure - Natural News portal said.


This spice has long been known for its medicinal properties - in the Bible is mentioned that Moses used it in anointing. In ancient times it was believed that cinnamon guarantees long life and good health of the people who use it regularly. That is why it is often used in various ceremonies and rituals. Modern medicine believes that cinnamon affects blood sugar control, effectively reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system and neurological health.

Useful properties of cinnamon, according to some researchers, stem from two basic components - the so-called cassia cinnamon acetate and alcohol. These substances are unique,they block the action of inflammatory agents on the cell membrane. 

Thereby reducing the symptoms of inflammatory rheumatic and other diseases. Antioxidant properties of cinnamon prevent the formation of free radicals - substances that are a major threat to the formation of almost all cancers.

It is very interesting that the smell of cinnamon improves brain function and memory increases by 25-40%.Its effect is short of 10 minutes to 1 hour.The researchers suggest smelling cinnamon before important business meetings and exams.A similar effect may have in the food,but there is not enough research to confirm this.

Please note that several studies have pointed out that the sale of supplements and "cinnamon" which does not contain cinnamon or contains thermally or chemically altered cinnamon so it loses a significant part of its medicinal properties.


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