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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Since it is one of the most deadly diseases, scientists are constantly trying to find products that will finally put an end to this disease, and one of them is this herb that for only 16 hours can kill even 98% of the
 cancer cells.


In fact, according to a research that has been published in "Life Science",the herb "Sweet wormwood" or "Artemisia Annua",which literally translated to English means "sweet wormwood" has been used in Chinese medicine and it can kill 98% of the cells of breast cancer in less than 16 hours.

The herb by itself reduces 28 percent of the breast cancer cells,but in combination with iron,"Artemisia Annua" successfully "destroys" the cancer almost completely,while in the healthy breast cells no impact was observed from this herb.The herb in the past has been used as a powerful tool against malaria,but now it's proven that this herb is effective against cancer also.


"Our results demonstrate that the 
"Sweet wormwood" prevents " E2F1 "  which is an important factor in the destruction of the cell cycle of the cancer cells of the breast which is important to control the growth of the reproductive cancer cells," was stated in the conclusion of the research conducted in laboratories for cancer at the University of California.

Iron precipitates in cancer cells with specific receptors that help in the division of the cell.Normal cells probably also have these receptors,but cancer cells have them in larger quantities and therefore can be targeted with a combination of iron and the 
"Sweet wormwood".


So far, numerous experiments have been conducted proving that the "Sweet wormwood" can effectively eliminate the disease in the presence of iron, and this extract has been used in China for thousands of years as a cure for malaria.

The malaria parasite can not live in the presence of the 
"Sweet wormwood" and the iron, and bio-engineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington were the first scientists who discovered this.

In their research has been shown that the cancerous cells are experiencing apoptosis or self-destruction,and so far was difficult to obtain this extract on favorable prices,but with the growing interest in this plant, the price could become more acceptable.

The french drugmaker company "Sanofi" said it is expected that the production of 50 to 60 tons of 
"Sweet wormwood" each year, hopefully will meet the demand of the world market.


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