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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Indian spices may prevent some forms of cancer and strongly act against bacteria, even against bacteria which is resistant to treatment.


Treatment of cancer often has many side effects that weakens the immune systems of the patients. This may lead to secondary life threatening infections, like golden staph infection which is resistant to drugs.

British microbiologists from the BioMed Central explored the effect of Indian spices, which are used in traditional and folk medicine, anti-bacterial and fungal infections and unexpectedly discovered that may prevent the development of cancer in the mouth. 

In the experiment that was made, the subjects who participated had a weakened immune system with a significant reduction of neutrophils in the blood. It was found that wild asparagus, castor oil, curry, chamomile have strong antibacterial properties.

According to experts, natural medicines occupy a more important place in the treatment of disease. Some of these herbs and plants possess a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity, helping to fight infections, including E.coli,Pseudomonas eruginoza, staphylococcus aureus and fungus candidates and Aspergillus. Scientists believe that Indian spices can be an alternative to antibiotics and are able to kill even resistant bacteria.


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