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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cancer , as one of the most common diseases from which many people suffer world wide , and many analysis and studies are made , all with the aim of finding the perfect cure , and a huge number of studies are dealing with the reason of why people get cancer ?

A large number of "alternative " web sites have already published a list of thing that give you cancer , and many of them are hidden because the pharmaceutical industry still carelessly want to earn from the patients of cancer , and not long ago the information appeared that why people get cancer was discovered a long time ago , but is was hidden from the public .Today we will present a list of 10 things that cause cancer :

❶ Hormones in meat and milk : Most of the animals are fed with artificial hormones , in order to obtain larger quantities of milk and meat , and those are causing infections , cancer , depression and a range of other diseases .

❷ Mammography, dental x- ray scanners , the airport scanners : 

Yes , those deadly rays cause cancer , even though you went there to prevent or to find early sings of the disease .

❸ Aluminium in deodorants and antiprespirants : One of the causes of breast cancer are deodorants and antiprespirants that we use daily which they contain aluminium . So next time use aluminium free deodorants .

❹ Toxic Cosmetics: The skin is our largest organ and we treat our skin with all kinds of cosmetics that contain petroleum and coal tar . Some of these substances can get in to the skin without any problems and in our blood , which create a perfect place for the tumor cells . So start using organic cosmetics and prevent any futher .

GMO soy and corn : Most of the soy beans in America is genetically modified , so it is recommended that the people who love soy milk , to immediately stop using it . The soy milk contains hemagglutinin , the compound which converts the small red beans into thrombus . The soy also increases the estrogenot .

❻ Artificial sweeteners : The aspartamo as the main ingredient of the artificial sweeteners is actually the excrement of the genetically modified Escherichia coli bacteria , which is resident in the bowel , as well as in the human waste . The aspartame compound is found in almost all drugs , gums almost in any food .

❼ Fluoridated water: No , it is not mineral which is found in the nature , nor the water that passes through the pipes . The fluoride actually weakens the immune system . Therefore , always when you are can , drink spring water .

❽ Pharmacy : Find an honest doctor who will give you advice on nutrition , all with the aim to act as a prevention for breast cancer . Free yourself from the pharmaceutical companies with famous names, who mostly care about the great earnings .

❾ Artificial food colors : Almost every color for the food is produced in the laboratory , so best choice always is the usage of colorful organic fruits and vegetables .

❿ Soaps , shampoo , toothpaste and creams : Again , everything we put on our skin , hair or teeth , immediately ends up in our blood . Perfumes , makeups , and all other suspicious products are causing cancer .


  1. Thanks you. In addition, most of the flour-based products and pastries contain glutamine, saccharine, sade caramel and other carcinogenic substances hidden in them...We have, by GOD'S grace, developed and cured a number of brothers and sisters are developing the presence of cancerous diseases, HPB, etc. Thanks again.

  2. In other words, everything cause cancer. As far as I am concerned, getting cancer now is not about what you did or didn't do. It is more of a lottery now..... anybody can get it.

  3. This is really scary post. I can't believe it. I mean I really can't believe it. This post makes 10 statements, but I could not find a single citation in the entire post. That people could read this and actually believe it is indeed truly scary.

  4. I generally get annoyed with a lot of posts about things that cause cancer. But these 10 things are totally believable to me. I stay away from all ten of these mostly. Some things in moderation but this is belevable!