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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Many people might think that the use of drugs is the only way to reduce chronic joint pain.Over time,the number of adverse effects of such assets increases and the harm done to the body becomes apparent.


Scientists from the UK have decided to make a list of foods that have the ability to reduce the pain of arthritis and to save people from the need to use drugs.

The first food on the list is turmeric.Over the past decade turmeric has undergone clinical tests of its
anti-inflammatory and antitumor effect and today is widely praised by the medical community as a plant that not only prevents but also cures some diseases.

This plant is used mainly as a spice.Turmeric is best exploited if heated mixed with a little fat or oil.In this way the greatest amount of curcumin is released which is the most important ingredient of turmeric.

The next item is a raw apple vinegar. Raw means un-pasteurized. It should not be sliced so that the bottom of the bottle has sediment. 

Before using the bottle needs to be shaken.Sip one or two table spoons of vinegar in a glass of water. Drink two or three times a day.Apple vinegar reduces inflammation of the joints and relieves pain.

In third place is found cherry.Contains a rich content of antioxidants, which affect the alleviation of pain. Next is pineapple. This fruit contains a large amount of anti-inflammatory substance bromelain.

To get rid of pain in the joints increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and decrease the consumption of omega-6 fats.Source of omega-3 fatty acids are varied plant and animal products.Among the foods of animal origin are fish and eggs.Products of plant origin are avocados, flax seed and hemp seed.Omega-3 reduces inflammation and it is greatly responsible for the health of our joints.The use of these foods in arthritis at the same time improves the general health of the patient.


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