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Monday, September 9, 2013

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One of the most common promises that we make to ourselves is that we will lose weight and we will start to live healthy. That promise does not get fulfilled because we do not know the secret of successful weight loss. It's not a one-week starvation or exhaustion in the gym.


U.S. scientists have made a list of simple and effective rules that will cause the loss of unwanted pounds and inches in the belly. The main requirements for proper weight loss and well-being is physical activity and proper nutrition. Yet most of the people can only concentrate on one thing : either the training or nutrition.

We should provide our organism a proper amount of energy before and after exercise. As experts say,the best results are achieved by the proper use of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sugar, after physical training. It is important that we don't exclude none of the ingredients from the diet. We need a balanced, and not restrictive diet. And if turning off some foods, such as bread or meat can lose weight for a certain period of time, only through a balanced diet in the long term we will maintain a normal body weight.

To ensure a sufficient amount of energy before and after the training intake of carbohydrates and protein in the ratio 2:1 is suggested. If we do not provide this relationship in the body is produced a stress hormone named cortisol, which reduces the durability of the body and weak muscles.Finding that relationship is easier than it looks : for example it is enough to eat toast for breakfast with yogurt or an egg.

For effective physical activity we need to choose elastic exercises that give strength and strengthen heart function, muscles and joints. Psychologists point out that for loosing weight it is important to choose a physical activity that you enjoy. Exercise should not be painful.

We need to remember the following rule : not all proteins are the same.All proteins (proteins ) are equally useful for the organism , especially when they interfere with carbohydrate. The simplest are from the whey. They have a high biological value, do not contain allergens and lactose, unlike soy protein concentrate and whey.

To allow for a healthy diet we should prevent the oxidative stress, which encourages an inflammatory process,disrupts the immune system and reduces physical endurance. To combat oxidative stress and free radical damage, we need antioxidants that exist in fruits and vegetables. Their efficiency is much higher if they act together. This can be achieved by using various fruits and vegetables.

To ensure proper nutrition during weight loss we must be sure that it contains beneficial ingredients such as beans, blueberries, oranges, broccoli, potatoes, salmon, yogurt, nuts, spinach, tomatoes, green tea, and even dark chocolate. These are all foods that are rich in antioxidants and have been proven to have effective impact on our health. The goal of weight loss is not just loosing weight,but also to improve health.

Advice that should not be ignored : use only natural ingredients and no calories. Avoid products with artificial sweeteners,because it negatively affects the metabolism and body weight. Besides, you can not deal with physical activity on an empty stomach - the body is like a car and needs "fuel" in the form of nutrients from different foods. The optimal time to eat is two hours before exercise .

Proper breathing during physical activity is essential for reducing stress levels, proper cardiac work and increased oxygen consumption. 

Another thing : in order to stay active, not only during exercise but also during the whole day, we need a good sleep.


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