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Monday, October 14, 2013

A team of Canadian scientists have concluded that children should not drink more than two glasses of milk a day, which is equivalent to 400ml.


This quantity of milk is optimal and sufficient to meet the needs of children 's body in iron and for the synthesis of vitamin D. The research, during which they came to these conclusions was conducted from 2008 to 2010 in the province of Ontario, with the participation of 1300 children aged from two to five years.

"We have found that two glasses of milk a day is enough to maintain an adequate amount of vitamin D for most children,as well as maintaining optimal stock of iron in the body.When using large quantities of milk,the supplies of iron have increased,while the saturation with vitamin D did not change." - Said the study's leader author Professor Jonathan Maguire of St. Michael Hospital in Ontario.


Based on the results the researchers concluded that parents should not compel the children to drink more milk than the recommended standard. Larger amounts can lead to a variety of intestinal problems,including constipation and disorders of digestion,which can influence on overall health. The combination of iron and vitamin D from the milk and milk products is essential for strong bones and for normal development of the central nervous system and intelligence.

"Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of bone disease,the risk of weakening immunity, as well as the appearance of inflammatory disease. The intake of vitamin D must be strictly adhered in the winter, and in children with a dark complexion, because in these cases this vitamin is harder synthesized in the organism under the influence of sunlight."



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