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Friday, May 23, 2014

It is very difficult to completely eliminate the stress of everyday life , but you can take certain steps to keep it " under control" and to prevent the fatal effects of the stress .If your list of daily duties is long and you are under stress , follow these tips and get rid of the pressure that reduces your productivity . For any time of the day there is a special mode and a special ritual for the relief of stress.



Wake up on time in the morning. Additional ten minutes of sleep will not mean anything for the amount of energy you need during the day and it is a greater tragedy if you skip breakfast forgot to pack everything you need for the job just because you wanted to sleep 10 minutes longer. Wake up at the exact time that you planned the previous day , and start the day with a clear and calm mind .It has been proven that the exercise is the best way to reduce anxiety and depression .Going to the gym or yoga a class can be everything you need to reorganize your daily routine, which will help you relax and relieve stress.


Do not do many things at once , but one by one . This sounds simple and logical , but can actually change your day completely . Throughout the day you have to be flexible and to " change gears " . However , we must not allow ourselves to work on three projects at the same time and to open ten windows at once on your Pc. When at one point too much is going on around you , the stress will be inevitable . Ironically , when you do your projects one by one , you get the job done faster .


Do not forget to smile. The positive mood calms anxiety and relieves reaction errors and the problems that occur during the work. Also, the good mood brings long-term benefits . Laughing is proven to improve your immune system. Call a close friend, watch a funny video , or read the article of your favorite author . These mini - breaks will positively affect your sense of responsibility , will " refresh " you and give you strength .


Enjoy quality time with yourself . In the evening allow your brain to " reboot " and remember that it does not mean that you are selfish if you want to stay alone for some time . In fact , everyone will agree that you are a better friend , partner , roommate or coworker when you are fresh and relaxed . Evening rituals without the modern technology and flashing screens will help your body to relax. Try a cup of hot tea , a few chapters of your favorite book or a long relaxing bath .

Be grateful and congratulate yourself . If you woke up just in time that morning do a mini- training , or you simply because you achieved all your duties at the end of the day , say to yourself , " Congratulations " . Before going to bed if you think about what you have achieved and done in the during the day and not think about the responsibilities that await you the next next , you will wake up calm , without stress and tension , you will be ready for work and you will be more creative .


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