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Friday, May 23, 2014

The charts showing the nutritional value of the products and which are found on the pack of each product give us any information for the caloriesand the food ingredients. But, these charts are not so easy for understanding. Do not be scared to read them, they are easier than you think.

Quantity per meal

The meal size is based on the quantity the people eat. Similar products will have similar quantities per mealand in that way we can easily compare two products in the same category.

Foodnutritional value

In this part it is shown how the product should be used in the daily nutrition throughout which we take an average of 2000 calories. This will help you to understand if the product has a lot of or little nutrients.

What is in the middle?

In the middle of the chart are given the nutrients that are most important for our health. This information can help you to count the daily dosage of fats, fibers, sodium and other substances.

Vitaminsand minerals

The daily necessity percentage of vitamins and minerals is based on the allowed dosage of vitamins and minerals in America.
Now when you know what is the meaning of the labels on the products, it will be easier for you to eat healthy food. The healthy food is funny, especially when you use the labels with the nutritional value of the products when you buy them.


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