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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another folk remedy has received a formal medical recognition. It is chamomile which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps to combat anxiety, insomnia and depression.


With anxiety - unreasonable fear every year is facing 18% of the world population, and 29% of the people during their whole life face with this problem many times. Over 30% of the people in different periods of life suffer from insomnia, while the number of people with diagnosed and un-diagnosed depression is unknown.

Experts say that the total damage to the world economy will by reducing worker productivity due to anxiety, insomnia and depression is 150 billion a year. It is interesting that with these psychological problems we can fight with natural methods. Chamomile flower extract contains substances with anti-inflammatory effect, and glycine, which reduces the effect of stress and reduces muscle spasms.


Chamomile is suitable for the treatment of neurological and psychological problems and is considered very effective primarily because it operates over a long period of time. According to the results of a research, several components of chamomile stay in organism and exerts a positive influence on him, even two weeks after consumption. By comparison, most of the synthetic drugs and dietary supplements used in the treatment of neurological disorders act a few hours, while the most effective of them eliminates the problem for several days.

Chamomile has moderate sedative effects and is able to naturally increase the feeling of sleepiness and also increases the depth of sleep. People rarely wake up during the night, they sleep better and wake up rested. Unlike synthetic drugs chamomile extract helps fight depression, anxiety and phobias without adverse effects on the body.


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