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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We consume various meats , various fruits , dairy products and many other things . However , some foods are made for a certain age and to people at older age they can make more harm than good . So which foods would be wise to consume in older years ? Read on to find out ...


Many people in older age have problems with arthritis , painful and inflamed joints , high blood pressure , hyperlipidemia , coronary cardiac problems , depression , and the everyday stress that is typical for people in older years . And that is why we put the pork meat and the bacon in the first place . That is definitely a bad choice for any age, but if you're younger you can allow yourself a slice , but the older adults should must avoid them , otherwise they can expect serious deterioration in almost all diseases and situations that we mentioned above .


Many times we have heard that soy is a very healthy food . Yes , it is a healthy food , and it is recommended to include it in your diets , but in the older adults it may slow down the digestion of the food . The soy can make the digestion harder if it is consumed in large amounts . Therefore , consume the soy but in smaller amounts .


The salt is indeed harmful , which all of use it daily . The salt not only has the property to retain the fluid and to raise the blood pressure , also makes damage to the bones and many other organs . If you are a person who is over 50 years old, seriously consider how to efficiently lower the usage of salt in your daily meals .


Same as the salt the sugar also is harmful if it is consumed in large amounts , but in older ages even small amounts can be harmful . The sugar not only increases the risk of weight problems , increases the risk of diabetes also which causes many other complications , accelerates the aging of the skin and body , and according to some researches consuming the sugar in large amounts makes you look older . We do not advice to totally avoid the sugar , but consume it in very small amounts .


The wine is a healthy drink , but only if it is consumed in a reasonable amount ,one cup a day . For people who have problems with increased blood pressure , in the summer they must avoid to drink wine , because it can cause greater harm than benefit . If you are at older age and you not suffering from any serious health condition than half a glass a day would be the optimal amount to drink .

What should we consume ?

- Fruit and fruit juices , vegetables , salads in unlimited quantities

- Little honey , and eggs white 

- One olive on an empty stomach , in the morning

- One to two cups of coffee a day (but not on an empty stomach )

- Soup and yogurt ( especially probiotic ) ideal for people in older ages

- Various soups with potatoes , green beans , peas , which do not contain fats


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