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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The desire of all the people who keep a diet is to speed up the metabolism and burn calories easily. There are foods that they can do so.

Spicy foods such as mustard and hot peppers can really increase your calorie consumption and speed up metabolism. In one experiment, the British scientists have added about three-fifths of teaspoons spicy chili sauce or plain yellow mustard. The hot food caused the metabolism to jump  by 25%, burning extra 45 calories during the next three hours. In one of them the mustard and hot sauce had caused burning 76 calories - 10% of the meal with 776 calories.

A new Australian study shows that ginger may also speed up the metabolism.Biochemists studied the effect of fresh and dry ginger extract on animal tissue and found that the spice stimulates to spend about 20% more calories than usual.The substance most responsible for this increased activity is gingerol,the ingredient that gives a strong ginger taste.


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