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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From childhood we have been told that the sweet products are not good for our line and health. Indeed candy lovers may be struggling with their weight, but not all sweets are harmful. 

A striking example is chocolate and dark chocolate is in the first place - which is more bitter, more useful. Chocolate reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and prolongs life. Here are six reasons why we should regularly eat dark chocolate.

1.The dark chocolate reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Several studies from the Scientific Technological Institute for the Study of Food in Spain has shown that polyphenols from the dark chocolate several times lower risk of colorectal cancer.

2.The amount of fat in chocolate is small and insufficient to raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. It contains a large amount of oleic acid - a type of fatty acid that helps to prevent the occurrence of heart disease and has antioxidant properties.

3.Speeds up the metabolism of glucose : dark chocolate (70% cocoa) prevents problems with the level of sugar in the blood. Reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity.

4.Improves mood : dark chocolate contains serotonin and endorphins, the strongest and most effective natural anti-depressants.

5.Improves brain function: this fact was known to our ancestors and  greatest chess geniuses of the twentieth century used chocolate widely before the game of chess.

6.Reduces symptoms of PMS: a cube of dark chocolate will reduce premenstrual syndrome manifestations. Still, the scientists so far  have failed to explain the nature of this fact.

Chocolate needs to be consumed daily. Its amount should be determined according to our inner feelings.


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