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Friday, August 30, 2013

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There is a vast range of available ingredients,but there are some that you should avoid if possible.You should carefully choose your food and make sure it is in a good combination with the rest of your diet to avoid unpleasant repercussions.

Some possible choices could be tofu,various species,lightly steamed rice noodle or some organic cocoa for a lovely chocolate treat.In general foods that should be avoided when possible are:

Cooked Vegetables and Fruits:The whole idea of raw eating is to avoid cooked products,which means to keep your food below 118 degrees.This includes some dried items and food in Cannes.

Animal Products and Diary:Most raw foods are vegans but some do eat raw animal products such as sashimi,raw fish and beef tartar.If you want to do this you should make sure that the foods you eat are supposed to be consumed raw such as sushi tuna and are organic.But in many cases animal products are not on the menu because they are unsafe raw.You should also avoid gelatin if you are vegetarian.

Meat Alternatives:There are many vegetarian products that can be used as an alternative to meat that can be allowed on this plan such as tofu and soy products and they combine well with other recipes and ingredients.

Cooked Grains:This is the food that usually separates vegans from the raw food diet follower because a vegan diet allows a great variety of grains,baked products and breads.The raw food diet does not allow cooked grains but allows some sprouted varieties.

Sugar:Sugar is also a gray area for many people.The debate is not about artificial sweeteners and refined sugar products,but rather about products like honey,agave nectar and maple syrup.

Alcohol and Caffeine:There are some organic wines that can fall under the criteria but the best choice would be to avoid anything that is questionable.


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