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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The weight of a man in many cases depends on the amount of meat consumed. It is widely sad that the bread makes us fat.


However, with the bread we are always eating something else. If it's a lot of meat, then we fatten much faster, say the researchers of the King's College of London after extensive studies.

It turns out that with the same number of consumed calories, those who consumed foods with more meat, gained more weight in relation to persons who consumed food more like vegetarians. It was also found that reducing the amount of meat in the diet facilitates weight loss and helps to control weight.


The study, which lasted five years in which 100,000 men and about 270,000 women participated from ten European countries. The researchers calculated that you are consuming 250 grams of meat per day over the daily needs of the organism, which is equivalent to 200 grams of steaks and caloric intake of 450cal, which leads to a weight gain of two pounds in a period of five years.

Research has shown that chicken and red meat fattens the most. Reducing daily intake of meat to 250 grams, with no additional reduction in caloric intake and diet nutrition leads to a loss of 1.8 kg over five years.


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