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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Lately, it is considered that a key element of a healthy diet is to maximize the use of natural food. Here is why you should avoid fast foods: 

To know if the food is natural depends on how it is further processed and how it is handled,where it does not matter whether it is meat, grains, fruits, vegetables... Whether it's the heat treatment and processing of meat in sausages or something else-the result is always the same the product acquires properties that are not good for our health. Scientists from the UK have decided to make a brief summary of the facts on the subject-why you should avoid processed prepared foods.

1. A delicious blend of cereals, processed meats, packaged macaroni and cheese, soft drinks and "fast food" are famous for high phosphate content-substances that negatively affect kidney function and threaten our bone mineralization.Here's an important tip: Avoid all products that are composed of " sodium phosphate "," calcium phosphate " and " phosphoric acid " and other ingredients with the prefix " Phosphorus " or " phosphate " in the first word.

2.Here is another important fact - people who often eat at home rather than in a restaurant, and thus are more likely to eat natural foods are 47% more likely to experience 90 years,compared with people who love to eat out.


3.Products with phosphates as well as genetically modified food, served in restaurants and fast food kiosks and cafe's without labels on the product composition.Recent scientific studies have shown that these products accelerate aging of the skin, especially the face and neck for more than 58 %. The information is shocking, because it shows that in 20 years the use of processed foods make us look 30 years older.

4.In another study, researchers found that the use of ready-made food triggers overeating. People who frequently eat sausages and other meat products and less meat,they tend to bring in 30 % more calories,while they do not come from the kitchen.Industrial food and snacks containing flavor enhancers that do not allow us to stop eating until we eat the whole package.

5.Most of the processed products (85 %) were not tested in terms of the potential damage it can cause in humans. In other words, much of what we buy in the supermarkets,drinking in bars, eating at restaurants and fast food chains may have hidden damage. These products do not exhibit adverse effects immediately after use. Their carcinogenic and other adverse effects are manifested after several years or decades of use,where we can not even imagine what will happen to our body,after 10 or 20 years.

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