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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Health insurance in the US has changed this year with the introduction of 2014 federal and state health insurance marketplaces. In the beginning , there were a few problems , but looks like the system now works for most of the people. Everybody is free to keep the old medical plan, until the plan is in force , and the marketplaces can cover the people if they do not have health insurance at their jobs.

So how the Health Insurance Works In The Us In 2014?

If you don't have a medical insurance which you can afford at your working place , than you will probably want to buy a private plan from a private health insurance marketplace . And choosing the right marketplace will depend from the state that you live . This option can also help those people who had health conditions and were not qualified for the private medical insurance plans.

So what options do you have you have depending from the state you live in :

– Covered California will be your option if you live in California
– The residents of Texas and Florida can go to website , the federal health insurance marketplace ,because these states do not have their own state marketplaces.
– If you don’t know where to sign up, visit anyway, and you will be able to find information for your own state.

Go to their website and register for a free account. There is an application process for your family and for you. You will need less than 30 minutes for this.

After you register, you can find out if you qualify for a private medical plan . You can also find out if you qualify for Medicaid,Chip or marketplace plans. You do not have to apply because you have registered, you can just browse and search ,get more informations and see what are your options.


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