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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

World 's most popular fruit - the banana.This lovely tropical fruit which has a delicious taste and provides a lot of energy.Today we will talk about the red bananas, and maybe many of you see this fruit for the first time.


The red bananas contain 3 types of natural sugars : sucrose, fructose and glucose . With its high calorific value , 6 vitamins and 11 minerals , has an enormous benefits for human health and increases energy instantly. But do you know that besides the classic yellow bananas , there are at least 5 other kinds of bananas?

What is the red banana?

Perhaps you have heard , seen or tried another kind of a banana , but the red banana is sweeter than the classic yellow banana.

If you already enjoy the taste of the yellow banana , and you are looking for other kinds of bananas , than you should try the red banana. These bananas have a fruit like the
 classic banana, but has a richer flavor that reminds of a mix of banana and raspberries . This kind of exotic bananas originated in Costa Rica and are especially popular in Central America , Mexico and some parts of Australia.

Red bananas are wrapped in a shell of dark reddish - chestnut color and usually are smaller than the classic yellow bananas . On the inside , the fruit has a soft , creamy texture with a pale - pink color that comes from the content of beta - carotene and has a sweet aroma similar to a strawberry.

Red bananas are ready for eating when they get the dark reddish - chestnut color with a few brown spots. When the fruit is too soft and gets an intense flavor , it is not recommended to be consumed , because the process of fermentation , loss of enzymes and the development of a new bacteria has started .

What nutrients do the red bananas provide?


Red bananas have a high nutritional value and contain large amounts of potassium, beta - carotene and vitamin C .

A medium - sized banana contains 400 mg of potassium , which means it provides the body with 11 % of the daily requirement of the mineral and electrolyte . Potassium is required for the proper operation of the heart , muscle contraction and for the proper function of the digestive system . This kind of bananas is also rich in vitamin C . One red banana covers 15 % of the daily human needs of vitamin C . This powerful antioxidant that not only protects the body from diseases , but also protects against free radicals , which means reduces the risk of a heart disease and certain types of cancer .

Red bananas , are also rich in dietary fiber and a single banana provides 16 % of the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber . The dietary fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Due to the large amount of vitamin B6 , one red banana can provide even 20 % of the daily needs of vitamin D.

Enjoy the red bananas

These aromatic bananas with its unique flavor of yellow bananas and raspberries are a great addition to a fruit salad , ice cream or banana split . It can be eaten raw , as dried banana chips or as baked in the oven . This delicious fruit has more softer and milder taste than the regular banana .

Succeeds only in tropical and subtropical regions and usually takes about 9 months to be ready for consuming . Those of you that will have the opportunity and luck to try this wonderful fruit - will love it.


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