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Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Many commercial energy drinks contain harmful ingredients like caffeine , large amounts of sugar and fructose,also artificial colors and flavorings.Of course,you can make a healthier version of the energy drink at home.


Caffeine in high doses can be dangerous to your health.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigates the connection between energy drink 5-Hour Energy drinks with fatal heart attacks and seizures(13 dead and 33 people hospitalized for the past four years ).

Of course in natural and healthy food stores you can find healthier versions of energy drinks,but many of them are pasteurized to make them extend the shelf life. Pasteurization,including short-term, is reducing their nutritive value.It is very easy to make yourself a natural energy drink as an alternative to commercial.In a thermos can take it on the road, work, school or to drink after a long day.You can get the ingredients at the market or healthy food stores.

Juice from bananas and wheat grass:


Put in blender 3-4 ripe bananas,2 cups cold water ( or more - to taste),1 tablespoon of wheat grass powder or a handful of fresh,if you have. Mix all this and your drink is ready.

Bananas provide quick energy. One or two bananas provide enough energy for a busy working day.Rich source of potassium and vitamin B complex,necessary for increasing energy. They are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. They contain enough tryptophan which increases our mood. Also provide excellent flavor drink.

Wheat grass is one of the " super plants " which contains a range of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.You can never be wrong if you add it to a drink or food.She is one of the most important foods that alkalize your organism.This is very important because the modern diet contains mostly foods that increase acidity in the body,so that it becomes susceptible to cancer and infections.You can obtain wheat grass powder in healthy food stores.You can very easy grow it at home too.


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