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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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We don't get a headache from the alcohol, but from its type and quantity. With one drink a day,we can protect the heart, reduce the risk of cancer and gallstones. 

But what happens when the dose of the drug repeatedly exceeded? Comes to known disease called drowsiness. We can prevent it or heal it - the choice is up to us.

How does it look a day after?

The festive disease - the drowsiness lasts for 24 hours, because the effect of the alcohol lasts that much. It widens the blood vessels, and warms us, we generally do not mind,but expanding the blood vessels in the brain causes a severe headache. 
So the next day we get the impression that all the sounds are stronger and they seem that they are right inside our head.Muscles become weaker due to excessive loss of fluids(dehydration) and we have reduced blood sugar levels. The liver produces larger quantities of lactic acid. We feel tired, broken and in pain.

The liver breaks down the alcohol, but because of the greater quantities she needs more time. Toxins last longer, causing us headaches and nausea. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the night at the entrance to the stomach, gastric acid enters the esophagus and causes us mustard, which drowns us after the party.And the vomiting. Nausea, stomach pain and vomiting are the result of excessive secretion of digestive juices( from the pancreas)and delayed gastric operation. The kidneys can not retain fluid, and our urination is increased. 

How to prevent drowsiness

The organism can process one drink an hour without any consequences. Anything more than that can cause drowsiness. Is it always so? No. We shouldn't only be careful how much we drink,but also what we drink,because we don't get the headache only from alcohol, but also from the other ingredients, the ingredients that give the drink taste and smell which they differ. Some of these ingredients are natural as phenols or aldehydes from grapes which are created during the distillation process or during the aging of the drinks. These ingredients have a lot of red wine,champagne, and some types of whiskey,and they are the biggest cause of headaches. Vodka and gin have a minimum of these ingredients and that's why they don't cause headaches most of the time. 

In general, the colored drinks are harder to bear then the colorless drinks. That does not mean that we can drink the colorless beverages without limitation. The alcohol itself also causes a headache. No matter what they drink some peoples head hurts more,some peoples less, because the tendency to headache from drinking is inherited. The alcohol in our stomach goes directly into the blood,so if you drink on an empty stomach it will quickly make you drunk. Food, especially fat, slows down the absorption of alcohol. So it's good to eat something before the first drink and to continue eating while drinking. For the metabolism of alcohol are needed B vitamins and vitamin C. Therefore we should not forget salad and bread at our festive table. To compensate the loss of water and thereby mitigate the problems of alcohol, between drinks we should drink a glass of water.Juice is better because it contains fructose. That's why experts recommend that after the celebration, before going to bed drink a fructose-rich, for example, fruit juice.

After the hangover

Before sleeping it is required to drink several glasses of water and juice. If you don't have real fruit juice you can take a multivitamin or vitamin C, but it irritated stomach will submit it harder.When you stand up after the festive night you should drink fruit juice again. It is required to eat breakfast. Not heavy foods while your stomach heals. Fruits and vegetables will be the best choice,like bananas. Many of us will think that coffee will help against drowsiness. For some, it really helps. For most, it does not, because coffee and sodas, increase the dehydration of the organism. It will give us a short refreshment,but it will prolong your recovery from alcohol.If you drink alcohol again the next day extension, we will prolong the recovery. Folk medicine:Sour soup can really help,as it compensates for liquid and contains essential vitamin C.We can alleviate heart burn if we occasionally eat biscuits or cookies.If we do not prevent the drowsiness our consolation will be that alcohol acts "only" 24 hours.


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