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Friday, September 6, 2013

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Our vision gets better or weakens from the influence of different combinations of factors, and the most important thing is the food we eat. Look at the list of foods that could influence how we see. 

Our vision is affected by the degree of eye strain, stress, hormonal balance and of course, food. Trans fats, carcinogens and other elements that can worsen the condition of our eyes, but there are foods that can have the opposite effect. Scientists from the UK have recently decided to make a list of such foods, listing them according to the degree of efficiency.

1.Orange or red vegetables

We should not think that the only good vegetables for our eyes are carrots. Yes,it contains beta - carotene, which is the main nutrient that matters for our eyes, but it should be noted that the same substance is found in all vegetables that have orange and red color (beta - carotene gives them color ). So if you care about your eyes, then such vegetables should be plenty in your diet.

2.Green leafy vegetables

Their use in the younger ages will not contribute much to the improvement of vision. However,the situation radically changes after 60 years. Then the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts significantly increases and lutein is the most important antioxidant in green leafy vegetables which may protect you from these processes.



Yolk is rich with lutein and zeaxanthin - antioxidants that prevent aging of the eyes and impaired vision. Unlike green leafy vegetables, use of eggs may improve vision of the teenagers,especially of those who are spending to much time at the computer,which causes regular eye strain(computer vision syndrome).


Almost all the fruits from this group are very beneficial for the eyes. Traditionally, doctors say blueberry is the most useful,but lately, experts believe that it is best to use a wider range of berries - raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, berries, sloes ... So the effect will bee stronger and stronger.


Nuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and other nuts are rich in vitamin E and a whole range of trace elements, which protect the eyes from stress and contribute to their better rest at night. Rest and recovery are crucial for normal vision, so nuts occupy an important place in the diet of people who care about their eyes.