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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The commission for the control of medicines and food (FDA) has determined that the preparation of packed food in microwave ovens releases a significant amount of toxins hazardous to health.


In addition, under the influence of microwaves, in plastic and polyethylene packs comes to chemical reactions which are substances that previously were not dangerous and had converted to carcinogenic food and the food absorbs them. 

Doctors advise not to use the food in plastic containers that is even minimally thermally processed in microwave ovens. The danger comes not only from the packaging, the toxins can be delivered from the etiquette too.


Consumers who do not respect the advice of the experts on the safe preparation of the food regularly are receiving into the body three times more amount of toxic substances that may be the cause of diabetes, various cancers, disorders of internal organs,as well as a reduction in potency in men. Eating these foods in women can influence the occurrence of congenital malformations of children.

It is interesting to note that scientists now have a basis to believe that certain foods can be damaged in the packaging even when it is in the freezer, or for some reason exposed to elevated temperatures. In other words, previously it was thought that packaging can be toxic only when receives the heat treatment, now there is a hypothesis that the dose of poison can be obtained even if you do not use a microwave oven.


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