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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Losing your voice completely or partially, or sounding like you are choking is called hoarseness of the voice .

Laryngitis, (inflammation of the voice box) the nodule that grows on the vocal cords - polypoid masses, lung disease, irregularities in the vocal cords nerves, loud conversations, allergies, inflammations, nasal discharge, stomach acid, all forms of tumors around the larynx, psychological reasons, respiratory system diseases, diabetes or any disease can lead to voice loss or hoarseness.

There are many plants that can be useful for hoarseness and those are

Celery leaves, chamomile flowers , mullein , lavender , mallow , linden , dock , alcea , eucalyptus , licorice root, sage mint , violet  . All these plants together or one a mix of few desired plants can be used to make a tea . After you prepare the tea leave it for a minute or two to cool and get a normal temperature . You can drink one or two cups a day .

Consuming plenty of carrots, apples, peppers , cabbage, garlic, onions, hazelnuts, walnuts , pistachios, and grapes at the same time will speed up the healing and will help to recover your voice faster .


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