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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Genistein, a natural plant hormone, found in soybeans is an effective tool for skin rejuvenation. It is known that the substance genistein it is effective in the fight against serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. However, it is also effective in restoring a youthful skin.


Clinical trials conducted on 2,000 women aged 50-65 years, conducted in 2011 have shown that the use of genistein in the body leads to the production of collagen - a protein that gives skin firmness and elasticity, which decreases with age, writes The Daily Mail.

Genistein blocks the enzymes that spend collagen, and also stimulates the production of new. Tests have shown that after just a month of using two - three drops of genistein twice daily around the eyes in 53% of participants in the experiment came to a visual reduction of wrinkles and improved skin quality.

Genistein is very effective at women after menopause. Experts have found that a molecule of the substance structurally similar to estrogen reduces the intensity of hot flashes, but without side effects.

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