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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More and more men are seeking advice on how to improve fertility . 
There are many reasons that can affect male fertility . The system of reproduction in both men and women is really complex so many reasons may cause its malfunction. Today we offer you some tips on how to improve male fertility ...

No to alcohol and various chemical additives


It is proven that the alcohol negatively affects fertility in both men and women, as well as anabolic steroids, opiates , soft drugs such as marijuana , have the ability to reduce male fertility by 50 % . Therefore, the future fathers , should be especially careful not to  use anything that has an effect similar to the above products .

No to sauna

Sauna and other types of warm and wet rooms , have a major role in damaging the reproductive system in men and slowing down the correct spermatogenesis . Avoid such pleasures to have a healthy reproductive system .

Keep the laptop away from your lap

Never use the laptop on your lap , because this habit could have striking effects on your sexual health . The heat and the temperature of the laptop is the enemy of testicles ,  and prevents a proper spermatogenesis .

The best time is the afternoon

According to scientists those who want to have a child the most effective time is the afternoon . According to a research 5 o'clock is the best time when the male reproductive system is capable of conceiving .

Keep your weight under control


The weight is inversely proportional to the quality of the male sperm . If you want to have a healthy reproductive system and proper spermatogenesis , keep your weight under control .

The Power of Physical Activity

Physical activity is in favor of any organ , especially of the sexual system . Men who play sports or are physically active in any way have a 30 % greater secretion of testosterone and a better seminal fluid quality , which makes them much more fertile than other men .

Tight underwear can be dangerous

Maybe tight underwear looks nice , but they are not in favor of your fertility . The underwear should not be to tight to prevent the pressure on the testicles and increasing the temperature .


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