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Saturday, September 14, 2013

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Vegetables,rich in ferment-able dietary fiber,must be eaten along with red meat - is the conclusion of a new study made by the New Zealand experts.

In their opinion this combination of foods reduces by 20% the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and twice is reduced the risk of diseases of the digestive system.

"Although most of the protein of the red meat is successfully digested and absorbed in the small intestine,a small part of undigested substances reaches the colon where it gets fermented which can lead to the formation of potentially toxic compounds," says study lead by author Chrissie Butts.Experimentally,we found that the negative effect of red meat can be eliminated by natural food ingredients - enzymes,which limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the large intestine.

The most useful vegetables,with most of the enzyme are potatoes, then follows the beets,eggplant,cucumbers and radishes.Sometimes it will be good if you change the vegetables that you eat with meat. Earlier studies have shown that regular consumption of red meat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease due to increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Red meat is the "heavy food" - hinders digestion and causes various problems.Initially digestion disorder manifests as feeling heaviness in the stomach,increased body fat and occasional abdominal pains.Later,it can also restore gastric acid into the esophagus (GERD or acid reflux gastric)and cause ulcer and inflammatory diseases.

Soluble (fermentable) dietary fiber from vegetables exert beneficial effects,stimulates and accelerates digestion,not allowing undigested proteins to spread through the colon.


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